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Feb 16

SEO Hero Media to Partake in the Wix SEO Hero Challenge: The Battle of Wix Vs. WordPress

By nath | Marketing , SEO

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Summary: SEO Hero Media, an online marketing service that embraces innovative solutions to produce quality results for every customer now takes part in the SEO Hero Challenge initiated by Wix. The results of said challenge are to be announced in March 2017.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential part of online business promotion as it’s the key to the most valuable internet route towards a customer, namely the search engine. The exact stats on this subject vary a little, but on average, over 90% of Internet users start their search for any product or service from using a search engine. Most of them prefer Google, so making a website rank high with this particular service is the primary goal of any online marketer, and SEO Hero Media is not an exception.

This company’s main goal is to help their clients achieve marketing success using a variety of digital tools. The practices of this service go far beyond simple keyword manipulation and on-site optimization. Google protocols of today prevent keyword-stuffed websites with no real content value from ranking high. In fact, relying on these practices can get one banned, which is a black mark that is almost impossible to erase.

The good SEO of today includes the creation of relevant content with a clever use of keywords but a focus on quality instead of form. SEO Hero Media embraces this principle and invites clients who seek to achieve online recognition by creating and promoting a really good website.

In their hunt to find and master the best digital marketing solutions available the company has recently joined the Wix SEO Hero Challenge. In essence, this is a competition between Wix and WordPress, renowned website building platforms.

About Wix SEO Hero Challenge

The terms of the challenge has joined are quite simple. Create a website optimized for the keywords ‘SEO Hero’ and submit it until the specified date. In this case, the final submission date was the 16th of December 2016, so all the competitors are already running.

A moderator that will search ‘SEO Hero’ every day between March 13 and 15 would determine the winner. The search would take place at 12:00 PM – 20:00 PM ET. The website that gets the highest average ranking during this time would be the winner, and its creators would get $50,000 from Wix. The Challenge rules state that the winner would be announced in two weeks after the official end of the contest.

One shouldn’t forget that it’s not only the platform but the skill of the website creator that determine its quality, and SEO Hero Media definitely has them. It would be interesting to see whether their page would help WordPress win a competitor’s challenge.