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Dec 03

Little Things That Can Make Your Website Pop

By nath | Marketing , Press Release

Once you’ve hired a great SEO team to drive traffic to your website, you still need to ensure that your content is top notch so that potential customers will stay. Since web design is so competitive now, you’ll need to really put time and effort into your site to see real results. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to do anything high tech or spend a huge amount of money – sometimes it’s the small things that can make a big difference.

Add high-quality photos.

Websites are all about the visual, so the most important thing you should have on your site is a collection of great photos showcasing your products or services. You don’t necessarily have to hire a professional photographer, but you should use a good quality digital camera and choose shots with clean lines, bright colors, and good focus. Great photos really grab a reader’s attention right away and force them to stay on the page.

… Or even a video!

If your company has any video that showcases your product, it should be featured front and center on your website. Videos really bring your company to life and give potential customers a sense of what your mission is in a quick, easy to digest package. If you don’t have any videos that showcase your product, see if there are any local videographers or even just casual YouTubers that you can collaborate with to develop something.

Link directly to social media.

You should always include a small taste of your social media feeds right on the homepage of your website. This shows customers that you are an active business with tons of exciting things going on day to day. Many website hosting platforms even offer templates that allow you to easily pull your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds and put them in your site with almost no work.

Make your site mobile friendly.

More and more consumers these days are using their smartphones to read content instead of looking at it on a computer, so you should be sure that your site is equipped to do both. You don’t necessarily need to be a web designer to set this up; many platforms now offer easy and simple mobile templates. If you aren’t using a template that is designed specifically for mobile, then you should ensure that the design is simple enough that it will naturally transfer easily.

Make sure your written content makes a statement.

Although you need great visuals to bring readers in, often it’s the text that is going to keep them there. Make sure the written content that you include is well written and has been proofread thoroughly before it is published. You don’t need to be a novelist here, but you should make sure that your content is easily understandable and makes a statement. When in doubt, less text is likely to make more of an impact, so don’t be afraid to cut things down a bit.