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Find Your SEO Hero to Dominate in Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing tool so complex that sometimes it really seems that the results of implementing it were created by magic. This is why the people who have mastered it fully and currently use this knowledge to both help businesses and teach others how to ‘control’ search engine are nothing less but SEO heroes. There are quite a few of them today, and each SEO hero has their own unique approach to marketing and optimization. If one desires to become a true professional in this field, you’ll have to seek training from several sources.

Top Reasons Why You Need a SEO Hero

There is so much information and free guides available on this subject that many people think employing the assistance of Search Engine Optimization heroes isn’t really necessary. After all, you can learn all the important things from books, right?


If you look into those articles and other similar sources, you’ll see that they have very little helpful information that goes beyond the placement of keywords and the importance of links. However, things like the necessity of a static URL and loading the content in the page’s HTML aren’t even mentioned. Yet, it’s these factors (as well as dozens others) that the search engines’ AI is analyzing. So, without understanding and learning how to use them, you won’t be able to achieve any significant SEO success.

This is where SEO heroes come into play. Unlike a regular digital agency (that employs search engine optimization professionals of their own), training from these professionals will TEACH you how to recognize and do all the things necessary to up a website’s ranking. Even if you don’t choose to become a SEO hero yourself after receiving this training, you’ll benefit greatly from the knowledge as you’ll be able to use it for any business. You can also rely on it when choosing a digital agency as this knowledge will help you assess their skills and the level of professionalism.

Still in doubt?

Here are some of the reasons that prove why you need to have a search engine marketing hero in your life:

SEO heroes know the rules at all times

Obviously, one must understand the Google algorithm in order to be any good in website optimization. However, few people realize how often (and how significantly) these algorithms change. Keeping up with all these minor and major adjustments is an art in itself and requires great dedication. A SEO hero is the person at the very top among these specialists, which means they are always in tune with the algorithm shifts and can adapt to them immediately.

A SEO pro has an instinctual understanding of search engines

The difference between someone who is ‘good’ at what they do and a ‘fantastic specialist’ lies in natural talent. Of course, everyone requires learning the industry and tools they need to use in it. Going through this kind of training can make you or any other person a really good SEO specialist who can achieve any goal.

However, SEO heroes are the ones who complement their knowledge with natural talent, which makes them more adaptable and efficient overall. For example, search engines sometimes fail to notify marketers about the changes in their protocols. However, a truly talented search engine marketing hero would be able to notice and deduce the change. At the very least, they should see that something in their scheme doesn’t work as well as it should and will start looking for solutions.

Search Engine Optimization heroes have special tools

There are a great number of programs that can help with different aspects of website optimization from keyword research tools to advanced analytics solutions. Real experts in the field do not only use the most efficient combination of these tools. They also follow updates and improve their arsenal regularly to ensure they (and subsequently you) stay on top at all times.

A SEO professional has the time to work properly

SEO is a very involved process that requires full-time commitment. It isn’t some kind of program you only need to initiate once. So having a SEO expert in your employ is a necessity if you want to achieve the best results with optimization.

They will be able to not only implement initial changes to optimize the existing pages on your website but also update them regularly to improve your ranking over time. Please understand that it’s a gradual process and stopping at some point will mean that your high rank will go down eventually.

Depending on the specialization of the SEO expert you employ, they can take over the optimization of your pages, coach you on how to do this on your own, or do both.

Search engine marketing pros have specializations

SEO is such a vast and complex field that there are experts with narrow specializations within it. So, you should start with deciding whether you need the help of an affiliate SEO hero, a local-client SEO hero, or any other type of professional.

You can actually start with someone who has multiple specializations and learn from them all the necessary basics. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to understand which specific areas you’ll need to focus on in the future.

What SEO Heroes Can Do for You and Your Business

Regardless of whether you are going to learn SEO techniques to use them for your own company or to become a coach yourself, you need to know how exactly they can help a business grow. Search engine optimization is only one avenue of digital marketing, but it’s believed to be the most efficient. Your SEO consultant should be able to explain this in great detail, so that you understand what exactly this technique does on a micro and macro scale. The most important benefits of using it include:

  • It brings clients.
    It’s a simple truth that no one can really argue. When implemented correctly, website optimization techniques improve the page’s search engine ranking, which is the key to business success. According to various surveys, up to 90% of buyers in different countries start their search for a product or service using a search engine. This number increases constantly, so making sure a link to your page is among the top findings is a necessity for any company today.
  • It promotes in a cost-effective manner.
    Whether you choose personal coaching from a SEO professional or hire a specialized service to manage your business’ optimization, this won’t be an expense for your company. Instead, it’s a profitable investment that will definitely pay off. The money-to-result ratio in this equation is highly in your favor as SEO has been proven to provide significant ROI.
  • It makes your content truly valuable.
    Even the best articles, images, videos, etc. won’t be known if you post them online without proper optimization. A search engine marketing hero is the person who can teach you how to make sure that the piece of content you publish starts really working for you and attract more customers.

SEO is a tricky, time-consuming, and relatively slow-going marketing technique. However, it’s also rather ‘thorough’ so the results it generates are more long-lasting and can really make a difference for your company.

How to Choose Your SEO Hero

Each of renowned SEO heroes can teach you something valuable, but you need to be sure that you employ the services of a professional who would be able to help you best. To do this, you’ll need to do some background research.

Find answers to the following questions:

  • Who are their current and past clients?
    This will allow you to understand how skillful the person/service/program actually is.
  • How can this person help me?
    You need to start your search with a clear set of goals in mind and look for an expert who has the experience and tools to help you achieve those goals. For example, if your goal is to take over the local market, you should look for a local-client SEO hero.
  • Do they practice white, gray, or black hat SEO?
    Note that black hat SEO can get you banned by search engines.
  • How will I know that my project has succeeded?
    Develop your own assessment system so that you can track the progress of the project and determine if it’s really helping.
  • What is their specialization?
    Is this a local or an affiliate SEOer? Think of what kind of help you need and look for a professional with experience in similar projects.

Please note that the mastery of Search Engine Optimization comes from learning and experience. Trivial factors, like gender, age, nationality, etc. make no difference when it comes to these experts. A female SEO hero can be just as good as their male counterpart, as all that matters is a person’s actual skill.

You also need to be aware that there isn’t formal education in SEO. Therefore, you should look at the person’s actual working experience. Many coaches turn to this profession after running a business of their own and learning through it.

Finally, you should ask any SEO heroes you consider employing ‘Can you get my website ranked #1 with Google?’

If they answer ‘Yes.’, turn around and look for other specialists as no true professional in this field can give such guarantees.

4 SEO Heroes to Get You at the Top of the World

When you are looking for true Search Engine Optimization heroes that can make a difference for your life and business, you should focus on programs that really teach SEO not selling SEO.

SEMjar is where you should go for niche-targeted domains. Run by a SEO hero who learned from the best, this company offers an outstanding SEO experience through utilizing a variety of techniques that complement each other to produce quick and effective results.

Do I Really Need a SEO Professional in My Life?

Yes, you definitely do. In the modern world, we are completely reliant on computers and the Internet. Tech involvement in our lives is increasing with every passing year, and even today no business has a chance to making a breakthrough without a strong online presence.

SEO is a vitally important element in creating this presence, and a Search Engine Optimization hero is a person who can help you master it and use its full power.

This marketing technique is fascinating because it’s so incredibly versatile. However, this is exactly why it’s so difficult to use without proper training. You need to find a person/service who can provide you with the knowledge necessary to use this tool on your own and with utmost efficiency.

Armed with the understanding of search engine marketing and active help of a professional mentor, you’ll be able to reach new heights. Perhaps, you’ll even decide to follow in your teacher’s footsteps and become someone’s SEO hero in the future.

Whatever your choice, everything starts with learning SEO programs, which you can start doing right away. Seek counsel from various sources as this will allow you to discover new techniques and approaches. Combining them will help you create your own unique and effective SEO style.